WINTERTECH DCK688 WIFI Sliding Gate Opener

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Input power: AC Single-phase 120V/220V~240V; Max gate-weight: 2000 kg; Max.Torque: 22Nm; Rate power(W): 450W; Protection class: IP44; Speed(m/min): 12; Temperature(degree Celsius): -45 ~+65 degrees Celsius; Noise:<56dB; Certification CCC/CE. 1-Anti-collision design; 2-Power-off lock preserve function; 3-Motor 90s time protection; 4-Led fault display; 5-Anti-clamping function; 5-Auto close: adjust time from 1-120 seconds; 7-Motor force adjustment: the working motor force is adjustable; 8-Motor resistance adjustment: the resistance of the motor is adjustable; 9-Motor max starting torque: the starting torque is adjustable; 10-Soft starting: motor can slowly start and stop, stable working and no inertia; 11- Adjust slow speed for push force: adjust the force for slow stop start; 12-Single and four keys: Interchange of single and four keys; 13-Hight security: control sensitively, control long distance, strong anti-interference; 14-connectivity: Internet, Bluetooth, IR

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